Beverage / Alcohol

San Miguel Corporation-Brewing Group (All Plants)

  • packaging lines, brewhouse, cellars
  • process vessels
  • bottling equipment
  • piping
  • ammonia condenser

Asia Brewery Inc., Barangay Sala, Cabuyao, Laguna

  • batch plant equipment
  • piping 

Distilleria Bago, Inc.  

  • process vessels
  • CO2 recovery  equipment
  • utilities piping

Leyte Agri Corporation, Alcohol Plant, Ormoc City, Leyte

  • beer heater

La Tondeña Distillers Inc., Canlubang Plant, Laguna

  • packaging lines
  • process vessels
  • piping

Tanduay Distillers, Inc., Cabuyao Plant

  • bottling line 
  • installation

Coca-Cola Bottlers  Philippines Inc. – All Plants

  • CO2 storage tank systems
  • syrup tanks
  • refrigeration system
  • sanitary and utilities piping
  • evaporative condenser coil

Cosmos Bottling  Corporation – All Plants

  • CO2  storage tank system
  • CIP system 
  • water treatment plant
  • sanitary and utilities piping

Pepsi Cola Products Philippines – All Plants

  • piping, cladding and insulation

Philippine Beverage Partners, Inc. (Wilkins), Gateway Business Park, Gen. Trias, Cavite

  • stainless steel process equipment
  • sanitary and utilities piping

Philippine Beverage Partners, Inc. (Viva) – All Plants

  • stainless steel process equipment
  • sanitary and utilities piping

Pharmaceutical & Personal Care

Interphil Laboratories, Canlubang Plant, Canlubang, Laguna

  • stainless steel process equipment
  • sanitary and utilities piping
  • boiler chimney
  • cladding 
  • electrical and civil works

United Laboratories Inc., Mandaluyong City

  • stainless steel process  equipment
  • sanitary and utilities piping

General Drug Inc., Mandaluyong City

  • fabrication of various stainless steel works
  • boiler maintenance

Wyeth Philippines, Inc.,Canlubang Plant, Laguna

  • fabrication and installation of various stainless steel process equipment
  • sanitary and utilities piping 
  • cladding works
  • stainless steel wire way

Colgate / Palmolive Philippines, Makati City

  • pallet racks
  • process piping storage tanks 

Unilever Philippines Inc., Manila

  • fabrication and installation of process vessels
  • piping, cladding, insulation

Adamson & Adamsons Inc., Muntinlupa City

  • fabrication and erection of MS smoke stack
  • rehabilitation and total re-tubing of  300hp boiler

Baxter Healthcare Philippines, Inc.

  • installation of cooling barrier

Kimberly-Clark (Philippines), Inc., San Pedro, Laguna

  • installation of  process equipment

Avon Products Mfg. Inc., CIIP, Industrial Park, Calamba, Laguna

  • transfer of productionlines for cosmetics from existing facilities at Quezon City to new facilities at CPIP Calamba, Laguna
  • fabrication of S.S. mobile storage (lotion) tanks
  • sanitary and utilities piping

Foods / Flavors / Chemicals

Del Monte Philippines Inc., Cagayan De Oro City

  • fabrication and installation of stainless steel process tank

Magnolia Nestle Philippines, Quezon City

  • fabrication and installation of cable trays

Knotsberry Farm Inc., Quezon City

  • fabrication and installation of stainless steel process tank

Gardenia Bakeries Phil’s. Inc., LIIP, Industrial Park, Mamplasan, Laguna

  • fabrication and Installation of various SS  process equipment and stainless steel chimney
  • installation of process lines & equipment
  • process and utility piping
  • electrical works

New Foods Coating (Philippines), Inc., Carmelray 1 Industrial Park, Canlubang, Laguna

  • installation of process equipment
  • fabrication of ss equipment
  • rigging & electrical works

Newly Weds Foods (Asia Pacific), Calama Laguna

  • installation of mixer bearing
  • warehousing & unloading of equipment

HB Fuller Incorporated Science Park, Cabuyao, Laguna

  • fabrication and installation of process tanks & piping works

Purefoods Hormel  Cavite Plant

  • installation of various equipment & piping works

Universal Robina Corporation, Pasig/ Davao 

  • installation of various flour mill equipment/ and piping works

Sugarland Corporation Navotas Plant

  • various fabrication works

San Miguel Foods Manufacturing Inc., Tabangao, Batangas Plant

  • installation of various flour mill equipment
  • various fabrication works
  • piping works

Oleo-Fats, Inc., Bagumbayan, Quezon City Plants

  • fabrication of vertical storage tanks
  • construction of sheds/ platforms
  • various piping works
  • reconditioning of tanks

Monde M.Y. San Corporation, Cainta & Calamba Plants 

  • fabrication of stainless steel tanks
  • erection of steel platforms
  • reconditioning of tanks

Mix Plant, Inc., Quezon City & Laguna Plants

  • fabrication of oil, sugar, flour bins & silos

RFM Philippines, Pasig City Plant

  • installation of pasta line

LIMKETKAI Manufacturing Corp., Sta. Ana Plant

  • fabrication and construction of stainless steel vertical storage tank.

Philippine Foremost Milling Corp. 

  • installation of packaging equipment and pasta line.

Jollibee Foods Corp./ Chowking, Fast Food Chain 

  • renovation and new store 
  • construction

CDO/ Foodsphere Inc.

  • installation of chimneys
  • dismantling of tanks

Civil Works

Coca Cola Plants (Beverage Company)

  • Construction of 50mt CO2 foundation for Coke Iloilo
  • Construction of 30mt CO2 foundation for Coke Naga Plant
  • Construction of 75mt CO2 foundation for Coke San Fernando Pampanga Plant
  • Construction of 50mt CO2 foundation for Coke Canlubang Plant
  • Construction of compressor foundation for Coke Tacloban.

Cosmos Bottling Corporation (Beverage Company)

  • Construction of 30mt CO2 foundation for Coke Naga Plant

Pepsi Cola Products Philippines (Beverage Company)

  • Construction of Filling Room at Pepsi Muntinlupa Plant
    Construction of Gatorade Shed at Muntinlupa Plant.
    Construction of Training Room at Cabuyao Plant.

Toyota Motors Philippines (Car Company)

  • Construction of Paint Booth for Training Service at Bicutan Plant.
  • Construction of Parts Building office at Toyota Sta. Rosa Plant.
  • Construction of CO2 deck at Sta. Rosa Plant.
  • Installation of Vinyl curtain at imv welding area.
  • Construction of platform at steel service chassy area
  • Construction of movable QA Kaizen Room.
  • Renovation of VCS office.
  • Installation of sidings at the utility building.
  • Enclosure of Paint Booth.
  • Enclosure of Resin Line.
  • Installation of steel fence at the Parts Building.
  • Installation of polyethylene insulation at the walls of Parts building.
  • Construction of IMV Kaizen Room

Sunpower Philippines Manufacturing Ltd., FPIP, Calamba, Laguna

  • Construction of Diesel Tanks bundwall, piping, oil-water separator.


Philip Morris, Philippines, Inc. (Tobacco Company)

  • installation of various process equipment

ECOLAB (Cleaning Chemicals)

  • pressure washers, CIP systems

Taihon Chemicals & Services, Inc. (Water & Wastewater Treatment Specialist)

  • sand filter & activated carbon filter tanks
  • 3.55 m Ø x 16 m horizontal SS storage tank

Right Pak (Packaging Materials Manufacturing)

  • equipment installation

Air Liquide Philippines Inc. (CO2 Manufacturing)

  • installation of equipment, piping, cladding and insulation
  • 16,600 liters cap. CO2 SS containerized bulk tank

Toyota Motors Philippines (Car Factory)

  • fabrication and installation of conveyors
  • piping, civil and electrical works

Eco Tech Industrial Supply Corporation (General Contractor)

  • installation of the new flour mill

Max Kettner (H&K) (Bottling Equipment Manufacturing)

  • palletizer / depalletizer

GCHI International Mercantile, Inc. (General Contractor)

  • installation of the new mill

Swedish Match Philippines Inc. (General contractor)

ST Micro (Computer Chip Fabricator)

  • Repair and requalification of tanks

Smart Communications Inc. (Cellular Phone Service Provider)

  • fabrication of 500+ units diesel fuel tanks

Inter Conglomerates Inc. (Control and Power System Contractor)

  • design, fabrication and installation of process vessels for liquid sugar plant

Camuna Philippines (Hydro-Electric Power Plant)

  • Installation of bifurcation, by-pass, steel lining upstream of power House, dewatering pipes.
  • installation of disilting pipes and bulkhead doors

CP Casecnan (Hydro-Electric Power Plant)

  • gate shaft house
  • powerhouse raised floor, platform barrier and louvers
  • accurate metering systems
  • process vessels, piping for liquid sugar plant

East-Asia Diesel Power Corp. (Diesel Generator Power Plant)

  • design fabrication and installation of piping system for Alfa-Laval distiller

Fitness First Philippines (Health and Fitness Company)

  • repairs and renovation

PMM Works Inc. (Diesel Power Plant Contractor)

  • above ground storage tanks

Southbay Bulk Terminal Inc. (Storage / Warehousing)

  • above ground storage tanks

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