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Business Lines & Sample of Works

Steel Works

  1. Stainless & Mild Steel Fabrication
  2. Pressure Valves
  3. Condenser and Heating Coils
  4. Agitators
  5. Folding Stairs
  6. Fabrication of Grates (for Platforms, Driveways, Trench Drains)
    Design, Fabrication and Installation of Side-Mounted Agitators, 2011
    Design, Fabrication and Installation of Pressure Vacuum Valves, 2011
    Design and Fabrication of Folding Stairs, 2010
    Fabrication and Installation of MS Heating Coils, 2010
    steel installation
    Steel Design, Customization
    and Fabrication
    Ammonia Condenser Coils
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